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The Forge is home to the Quench, a smoothie, energy drink, and snack counter that caters to athletes, spectators, and community members. The Quench serves Lotus Plant Energy, an organic, all-natural energy drink. Lotus Energy is caffeinated with green coffee beans that features nature’s elite organic botanicals. In addition to our regular Lotus we also carry the SKINNY Lotus that features a proprietary thermogenic formula with a body/fat calorie burner from Green Tea (EGCG Extract). Lotus harmonizes with the human system to naturally restore energy levels from Earth's most powerful plants without sacrificing your health. Along with Lotus Energy, we offer delicious, nourishing smoothies and smoothie bowls made from all natural ingredients. Paninis, hot off the press are also available to meet your hunger needs. Come by and enjoy delicious, nourishing food and drinks!!

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